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|What YOU will build

1. You will create a sharper outcome that will consistently motivate you

2. You will work on mastering your self-awareness and designing a belief system that empowers you

3. You will find your authentic strengths and learn how to use it to increase your competitive edge

4. You will will carve out your target market to help you be more focused without losing opportunities

5. You will find a way to empathise with your audience so that they feel like you understand them

6. You will clarify your client’s journey to improve your conversion rate

7. You will create a powerful and concise one-liner that engages your audience

8. You will identify your best marketing style and select quick-win strategies to build momentum

9. You will create a business improvement plan in a format that is easy to execute

|​How I will help you

1. I will use my skills in psychology and business strategy to help you grow your business with confidence and ease.

2. You’ll receive all the videos and tools that will help speed up your progress.

3. You will be added to a member’s only community specifically for people who have gone through this programme for more support and accountability.


Part 1:  Let’s Start with YOU

1Create a motivating life goal by working on your wheel of life

2. Find your WHY and purpose to put more meaning and soul into your business

3. Design an empowering belief system to help you reach your goals

4. Find your Ikigai: what you love, what the market needs & are willing to pay for, and what you are good at


Part 2: Empathise with your CLIENTS

1. Carve out your smallest viable niche to give you focus and to help you be relevant
2. Create your brand story with your clients as the star of the show
3. Develop a clear customer journey and a profitable product ladder to increase conversion
4. Determine the emotional transformation people will enjoy after they work with you


Part 3: MARKETING to your strengths
1. Craft a customer-centric one-liner that speaks to your ideal clients
2. Select proven marketing strategies that suits your personality
3. Create SMART Goals for the next 12 months
4. Develop a comprehensive business improvement plan, which includes marketing
5. Take advantage of my easy-to-execute planning format to help you get things done


After these sessions, you will have more confidence, sharper strategies, and will have saved 6 months to a year trying to figure this out by yourself. If you think about it, saving 6 months may save you thousands of pounds in opportunity cost.

|​Important Disclaimer

I can guide you to do it, but I can’t do it for you. 


These elements have been put together to help you enhance your self awareness, select and attract your prospects, and create a strong marketing approach for your business, but you are responsible for implementing the strategies in your business.  


I’ve been in business and helping businesses for over 20 years but you will need to give yourself time to put it into practice.  


This is something every self-employed professional wants: the ability to attract the right customers.  The process you will undergo is something you can never UN-LEARN.  The skills you learn here CANNOT be taken away from you.  You will have this knowledge forever.

|​What you'll need

1. A dream worth fighting for

2. A coach-able attitude

3. A hunger for learning

4. Commitment to do the work


The unequivocal, indisputable best part of what I do is receiving feedback like this from the my amazing clients we help go from frustrated, overwhelmed and fed-up to confident and happy business owners each and every day..

Caroline Drummond-Smith

Health Coach

Before the Brave Zone Programme I was unsure of where to go next with my health coaching practice. I knew I wanted to develop my business, but didn’t feel confident in taking the next steps.

I really liked the 9 step process and how it’s divided into 3 clear areas - myself, my clients and marketing. Cynthia pushed me out of my comfort zones in a very caring, yet firm way. She made me really question my motivation and drive.

I feel so clear in where I’m going with my business now and have come away from the programme with realistic, yet challenging, goals. I’m so excited to take the next steps.

I would really encourage anyone who is feeling stuck or isn’t sure why they’re not where they want to be with their business to work with Cynthia. Her skill in bringing out the really pertinent issues is something I’ve never come across before - and she does it with incredible professionalism and a good dose of humour.

Luciana Scrofani Green, MCIL CL

Business & legal Interpreter


Before working with Cynthia, I was struggling to find a way to convey my message clearly in order to target my niche audience in a memorable and unique way. Cynthia helped me to identify my core message by making me work hard and dig deep, with the use of thought-provoking and soul-searching questions, which resulted in a roller-coaster of emotions and so much laughter! The sessions were very much a two-way process and Cynthia gave me the tools I needed to help me break down my limiting beliefs and gain clarity around my brand storytelling strategy. With Cynthia’s support, I came up with a fantastic #Ikigai diagram (a Japanese concept that means “a reason of being” and a ‘one-liner’ that conveys my business message in a clear and concise way, to communicate to my audience how I can help them succeed and thrive.

Alexis Prior


Nutritional Therapist

Before I met Cynthia I didn't have a coherent marketing plan. I had just established my true niche, but felt that I wasn't reaching them in an effective way, because I hadn't really thought through their true story and what my message was. I really enjoyed the process. Cynthia is totally supportive and easy to work with. I felt that she really identified my sticking points ie inconsistencies where my message didn't match my client's needs. The 3-part process addressed all of the areas that needed attention in my business ie my story, my clients story and a marketing plan that suits me and my business. I now have a clear marketing plan. I feel really confident that it's going to work and that I will enjoy putting it into practice. I have a much better appreciation of my client journey and how to reach them. If you have been struggling with your message, your direction and your marketing plan, then I would totally recommend just booking a free discovery call. There's nothing to lose. It's the step I wished I'd taken a long time ago.

Canan Piskin MBA

Career Advancement Coach

Cynthia helped me gain clarity of my purpose as a Coach and how I can sharpen my business profile to deliver my core message. The finer distinctions have taken into consideration the interests of my ideal client. Therefore, I now feel more confident in my uniqueness in my niche. I highly recommend her approach for sole entrepreneurs. She is a sounding board to give you a better direction in your business

Wafaa Powell

Cooking Instructor

I met Cynthia at a networking meeting and was immediately attracted by the clarity of her approach to working with businesses. After that I booked a meeting with her during which she analysed aspects of my business I was struggling with and came up with very clear suggestions for me look into and implement. I found my time with Cynthia to be very valuable. I can recommend her with confidence. Thank you Cynthia for your support.

Tammy Whalen Blake

Personal Development Coach

Taking bold steps into the unknown and to show up for me and my business, was a challenge. How do you know your excuses from your truth? Well, this is what Cynthia brought to the party. A respectful yet challenging coach - 100% appreciate the direct honesty to take massive leaps forward. I have a lot to thank Cynthia for.

Tia Handimuljana

Travel Specialist


Gosh! She’s good! Getting coached by Cynthia is worth the investment. She dug deep into my interests, talked me out of my fear, and gave a different point of view. Her feedback was direct yet constructive. The sessions addressed both personal & professional issues, which helped me to find relief from recurring negative thoughts, decide my business focus on, and clarified my business core message. This is the first time I have ever invested in a coach and I felt it was money well spent.

Supiati Anggono

People Development Specialist


With over 20 years of her experiences as a business coach Cynthia well known as a coach's coach. Cynthia has helping me to gain clarity about my real WHY I am doing what I do. As a mom of three unique children my Brave Discovery session with Cynthia has been an eye opener for me that my purpose in my career in coaching and people development firstly will impact my family especially for my dearly son and daughters in their teens year. Mom's guilt will go away when I started doing my passion with the right focus. I would recommend anyone who need a different angles of perspectives which richly provided by Cynthia.

Helen Baker

Website & Brand Designer


Cynthia played a significant role in helping me clarify my strengths and style and how to position myself with greater confidence. Very quickly, she had grasped the essence of me and my business by asking 'big' questions in a supportive way. Within a short space of time, I felt understood and empowered to move forward with purpose in my business. I highly recommend Cynthia for her insights, expertise and approach.



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